Photo Booth

Is a portable photo studio, that prints your photos instantly. You will never forget important moments in your life!

GIF Booth

Amazing stop-motion videos within your reach, available via text messages or shared on social media accounts.

Green Booth

Teleport to the furthest places on earth instantly! Thanks to green screen technology your event can take place even in the middle of the Amazon rain forest.

Amazing souvenir.

Make your event unforgettable, no matter if it’s a company event or any other party, everyone will remember it because of our device

Extra accessories

Colorful hats, plumes, glasses and even handy signs to write down your thoughts – it’s only a little piece of what we can do for you

Your personalized frame

Design your own frame! There are all different kinds of combinations!

Instant printing!

Get as many copies as you want! It takes only a couple of seconds to print it out and then lasts for years!

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